Pedestrian And Bridge Rail

Industrial products are used for people who are on the roadway and pedestrian areas are for the safety of pedestrians and road vehicles.

Pedestrian railings and bridge railings are generally used for overpasses, bridges, shopping centers, apartments to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from being involuntarily discharged and falling down. Different types and sizes of stainless, galvanized or painted materials can be made using different materials and production techniques.

Bridge Railings Features

Bridge Protector Heavy Duty Auto Guardrails An auto guardrail in the high retention level class (H).

Application Areas of Bridge Railings

Bridge Protector Heavy Duty Auto Guardrail It is a type of guardrail designed to keep heavy vehicles on the road.

Simple Distance Bridge Guardrail

An auto guardrail in the high-hold level class (H2) according to European Standards (EN-1317).

Pedestrian Railings Application Areas In

Decorative Pedestrian Railings

Decorative pedestrian railings are used for the safe circulation of pedestrians inside and outside, as well as for increasing the prestige of the space. Galvanized steel, paint, stainless steel, glass and aluminum materials and surface finish applications are used in the construction of the railings that comply with the project and safety norms.

Stainless Steel Pedestrian Railings

Stainless steel pedestrian railings have a wide range of applications from very simple stainless pipe pipe applications to laser-cut laminate and motif, glass, rope stretching applications.

Painted Steel Pedestrian Railings

Painted steel pedestrian railings can be produced only with steel pipe or laser cutting lamella and motif. The choice of color for electro-static powder coating or furnace painted railings is very wide compared to stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized railings.

Galvanized Steel Pedestrian Railings

The life of a steel is increased by useing hot dip galvanizing. Dipped galvanized railings are preferred as outdoor railings such as bridge railings, car parking railings, and highway side railings.

Glass Pedestrian Railings

Tempered lamination glasses and painted steel or stainless steel fasteners are used in the construction of glass balustrades in order to comply with the project and related laws.

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