About Us

YENTE is a Railing System company in Turkey established in 1978, The company has created its own market,and has brought in original products in the marketing comunıty and has been a pioneer in Turkey. Yente has outgone a leading Project about a protection system for bridges and roads in Turkey and the world. YENTE, which has been established with completely domestic capital, the prior importance is working on the Ar – Ge sector wıch has modern production facilities and standards in steel and machinery sector. Our country is a country that exportes goods to more than 10 countrys over the World.

YENTE is a leading company in this sector. The success of YENTE, which has corporated management with its experienced employees, strives to become a world-class  company by competeing with other producing companys, it has made  products that need  more investment with other manufacturers.


YENTE increases the added value in its projects with the solutions it produces. The main activity of the railing systems is to use the right technology, innovations in the capacity and capacity to develop, produce, sell these products to the domestic and overseas market and realizes the after-sales service organizations. YENTE, which is the manufacturer of railing and guardrail systems, will increase its contribution to national economy by making its success with its unifying and human oriented attitude.


We have a structure which continuously improves the production of understanding  the aim and to provide quality, and reliable, products and services relateing to the machinery and steel industry. Maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level both in Turkey and abroad, maintains its place among the organizations sought in the sector.


Open to innovation, reliable and pioneering approaches to all aspects, always giving the best products and services to customers, who strive for the development of new products, along with employees that have a beneficial growth structure for society.

Our Values

  • Quality and reliability-oriented working approach.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • To encourage and support the personal, development of employees.
  • Internal and external communication quality.
  • Protection of high moral values.

Quality and Environmental Policy

''With our trained and experienced staff, using existing resources effectively and efficiently, to develop new products, high-quality, low-cost production, meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in time, to ensure satisfaction. With the Strategic Plan, TS EN ISO 9001 and TS EN ISO 14001 Management Systems with all applicable conditions, within the framework of current legal legislation, to continuously improve our products and services and increase the effectiveness.

Yente Makina is a continuously developing and environmentally sensitive company that pays attention to the use of natural resources and separates its wastes, complies with legal regulations and requirements, determines environmental goals and objectives, establishes environmental dimensions and effects within the scope, controls the environmental impacts of its products after use.''

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