Noise Barriers

Environmental pollution in modern cities is an important element in terms of human body and mental health. In order for people to be happy, the air, water and environment must be clean. When defining pollution and contamination, new pollution arguments have begun to emerge.

To illustrate; image pollution, noise pollution, technology pollution, such as word pollution can replicate, the most important of them is the sound and noise pollution.

Motorway noise barrier, also known as highway noise barrier, is a panel that is placed between the noise source and the noise affected area in order to provide sound insulation. These products, also called noise barriers, are often used to prevent the spread of traffic noise along lines such as roads, bridges. Noise generating generator, compressor etc. It is also used to prevent the spread of noise around machines such as. On the noise source side, some of the sound that hits the screen is absorbed by the screen. This also improves the noise level on the noise source side.

Highway Noise Barriers

In today's world, the demand for vehicles such as cars and public transportation has increased considerably. This situation caused serious noise and noise pollution in the residential and commercial areas around the metropolitan and urban highways, railways and bridges. For this reason, the demand for noise barriers is increasing day by day in order to improve the quality of life. The sound diffuses in all directions after exiting the motorways or bridges.

When sound waves hit an obstacle or barrier, one part crosses the surface and bounces to other areas, which is called reflection. If the surface is of a porous structure with small perforations and dimples spreading to the interior of the wall material, the sound passes through them to the outer surface and this sound energy is bursting inside. This is called absorption.

The noise barrier systems that we produce consist of high quality materials. In this context, the noise barriers respond to tube areas where a high level of light transmission, impact resistance and perfect surface quality are required. Our noise barrier products are in the category of "noise reducing products" and are fully compliant with European standards.

Noise Barrier Usage Areas

Types of Noise Barriers

Noise barriers include three types of sound barriers. These are acoustic noise barriers and transparent sound barriers and railway sound barriers.

Less Sound and Quality Life with Noise Barriers

Noise barrier systems are constructed in areas with high levels of noise such as roads, highways, highways, railway - tramways, double roads, where there is a lot of vehicle and vehicle traffic. After the application of the sound barrier, noise and noise from the source are reduced significantly. Noise barriers have been found to significantly improve the quality of life of people living, living or working in the area.

Wind Barriers

Wind Barrier is produced with the aim of preventing the vehicle from crashing on the road by cutting the speed of the wind in places with extreme wind such as viaducts and bridges on highways and highways and providing comfortable driving. Since wind barriers are often high in height, light transmittance is also important. Because the important part of the product is made of transparent material.

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