What is Steel Construction?

It is a building system where the bearing frame of the building is made of steel. Architectural projects are made carefully to be designed according to standards.

Advantages of Steel Construction Structures

Thanks to its physical properties such as strength and density of steel, both its manufacturing and assembly is fast and its sensitivity is high. It provides a wide usage of area,  Provides spacious and roomy These buildings are long lasting and durable and steel buildings are much lighter than reinforced concrete buildings. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture even on floors which are not suitable for concrete construction. The most logical solution to be applied in earthquake zones is the steel construction system. Steel construction technique, non-multi storey warehouse, hangar, factory, such as the construction of buildings are common, schools, hospitals, dormitories, hotels and so on. It can also be preferred in buildings. With 90% recyclable, greener and recyclable buildings are obtained.

Disadvantages of Steel Construction Structures

Especially high with sound conductivity steal, increases the cost of insulation in buildings requiring high insulation.

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