What is a light poles made of?

The making of design, planning, producing, galvanizing and painting the lighting poles are made with the machines and equipment appropriate to the technology. Yente Machine give services about assemblage of the poles and controlling the assembly according to the customer order. We keep serving in the sector of lighting poles in Iraq, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and many other country including Ankara and Turkey.

Types of Light Poles

In addition to the specifications and demands from the customer, the standard polygon pole, decorative polygon pole, pipe pole, decorative aluminium pole and stainless-steel pole project are produced and manufactured.

Decorative Light Poles

In order to illuminate important areas of cities such as squares, parks, monuments, ceremonies, entertainment and shopping centres, government offices, decorative poles are preferred instead of normal lighting poles. In accordance with the project of lighting poles or by applying our original designs, our company produces steel, stainless steel, aluminium plexiglass and glass materials.

Painted Steel Light Poles

Painted steel lighting poles consist of pipe body and profile, laser cut sheet motif, profile production motif or decorative elements processed from filled materials. These parts used in painted steel lighting poles can also be produced in stainless steel if the project is suitable.

Stainless-Steel Lighting Poles

Stainless-Steel lighting poles are produced with stainless-steel pipes, profiles and sheet as AISI304 (generally used) or AISI316 (resistant to water and humidity). Stainless-steel lighting poles can be produced with shining surface or mat surface.

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