Flag Poles

Flags are produced with different lengths and diameters and fabric suitable for various wind loads and flag sizes that can be used in indoor and outdoor areas according to the order in order to meet the need of companies, firms or individuals. Flag poles are classified by their materials. In Ankara, decorative flag poles are mostly made of stainless-steel pipes. With the order, conical cut poles are also produced. Flag poles can be produced lying with hinged base flange up to 12 meters.

Galvanized Flag Poles

Galvanized flag poles are produced according to the project, static calculation and customer order with pipe material or twisted sheet. Length of the flag pole can be 3-130 meters according to the customer order. All metallic pieces used in making of galvanized flag poles are made by international standards.

Painted Flag Poles

In addition to the process of making galvanized flag poles, in painted flag poles, poles are painted to any colour code in order to extend their life and make it decorative. Accessories like rosettes, caps or infinite swivels can be made of steel if wanted.

Stainless-Steel Flag Poles

In the production of Stainless-Steel Flag Poles, AISI304 (generally) and AISI316 (humidity durability) are used according to the order. The surface of the Stainless-Steel Flag Poles are produced with shining surface or mat surface. Because of the scarcity of the types of stainless-steel pipes in the market, they are produced maximum length of 20-22 meters.

All flag poles that we produce from 6 meters to 12 meters are analysed with static calculations and analysed by accepting the wind speed 130 km/hour.

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