1915 Çanakkale Bridge (Dardanelles)

1915 Çanakkale Bridge (Dardanelles)

The design of the 4608 meters bridge, with 2023 meters of middle span, 765 meters of side spans and 1055 meters of approach bridges, belonged to the COWI company, and the miniature version of the bridge has entered the wind tunnel tests. Although the design responsibility of the wind barrier and vehicle barrier we undertake belongs to our company, as the results obtained from the wind tunnel tests, no changes were made in the main lines of the design.

Wind Barrier made to break the wind effect; it is a structure with 5 rows of horizontal wind breakers made of transparent PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) material, a maintenance vehicle rail on the underside to protect the maintenance vehicle, its carrier construction is S355J2 raw material, hot-dip galvanized.

Vehicle Parapet has been developed as a result of intense simulations and has been produced with meeting the H4a-W2 criterion, which is above the validity of the specification H4a-W4 standard. It has been documented that this criterion has been met by the crash test in the verification area of the CSI company in Milan, Italy, and has been awarded the CE marking,

Pedestrian Parapet; it is the job of designing, manufacturing and assembling according to the deformation that must be met under certain static loads and considering the ease of installation,

Fire Barrier; it is the job of designing, manufacturing and assembling the fire barrier that will meet the fire resistance and heat transfer values required by the specification at the point where the expansion joint of the bridge and the Tie Down Cable are located.

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